Domain, what i need to know?

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In this post we will explain everything you need to know about domain.

A domain name is your personal or business home on the Internet, it is online real estate that you completely control as long as you own the rights to that name. Domain names can be fanciful or transparently descriptive, used for everything from a personal blog to a multinational company's public website, and having one or more is essential to being visible in a crowded online world. Knowing how domain names work, and why they are needed, can help you choose the right name for your business or personal website.

  • What are Domains? Where do they come from ? Where do they go ? And why do you need a name?


Today's Internet domains allow anyone to have a cyberspace "territory" - a website - that is uniquely theirs. The way to secure such a domain online is simply to create a unique name and register it, or buy an existing domain name on a domain marketplace or from a private seller. This allows you to create a Website that establishes the presence one user for a variety of personal or business reasons.

  • Each domain must have a unique name:


The domain needs to be different from all others and point only to a single host. This is why anyone buying and registering a domain name needs to carefully research the perfect web address by performing a domain name search to find out if it is already in use. If so, it's off limits unless the owner is willing to sell it.

If a domain name is available, any Internet user can buy it - which really means paying a fee for exclusive rights to that name for a period of time that can range from a year to more than a decade. After registering a domain name, it becomes the owner's public Internet address and the gateway to the website attached to the name. But a domain name is only a substitute for the real locator - the IP address.

If you plan to build a website, you may want to choose a domain registration service provider that is also a Hosting provider.

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